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Test Circuit for Logic Analyzer software - del20006

This is a Test Circuit for Logic Analyzer software, with the Simple port circuit. The VB Logic Analyzer works, but is just an example program to test  and learn. 

Raspberry Pi and MSO-28 Virtual Scope

The speed at which the logic state changes say like 10 M Hz while probing even a PIC or 89C51, is too fast for this circuit.  For that, the incoming data has to be spooled or stored in RAM at real time, by the external Hardware itself.

Logic Analyzer on Computer

As this is a Parallel Port Interface, an Embedded High Speed Digital RAM Storage of  Multiple Logic input Channels with Signal Conditioning in the front end, could do the job. This is the minimum, if you want to program the rest of the instrument on Computer Software. Here is one you can see from Bitscope using USB or Ethernet, 

Test Circuit for
                        Logic Analyzer software

PNG-Schematic     PDF-Circuit     DSN-Source
Test Circuit for Logic Analyzer software - del20006
To view circuit click the Link of PNG or PDF, The PNG Image can be Drag Scrolled with Mouse.

The vb programs in this page works well on xp-p4 and may not work well on win98-P2. I just also made a sketch of a Logic Spooler for 10MHz Logic Analyzer, this is just a design idea for experts to improve upon.

The design source is here The Logic Analyzer Program . Demo Logic Analyzer 100KHz VB6 program with source code. example to get fast time in uS as vb timer min.1ms is here

An Oscilloscope Simulation I made

This is a Toy Scope or a waveform display which i will integrate with my other tutors to display AC points in place of voltmeters. Presently you can play with it. Power On and keep pressing the demo button give a few seconds between presses, to see all the waveforms stored. Tweak the four pots all you want, to understand something of this ancient electricity visualization apparatus.

Load an equation of your own and see it as a waveform on this web scope. Paste a Formula in the Equation text box, load it, it will be rendered as waveform on scope.

Just turn it on and then press demo button for 1st Waveform and Press again the demo button for 2nd Wave and so on. Still working on formulas. Slide all the pots and see what happens.