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Circuits, Amateur Radio and Hobby DIY - Page 1

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Electronics Hobby or DIY Electronics and Electronic Engineering Design go hand in hand. Many inventions, discoveries and improvements in this technology has been done by Non-Engineers who acquired skills and built firms that created many positions for engineers to work in. Hobby Electronics is the first step in EE Education. Ham Radio Enthusiasts improved the Communication Awareness and Science of RF Circuits.
Circuits and Projects
  • KeelyNet - Free Energy, Gravity Control, Electronic Health & Alternative Science.
  • RepairFAQ-Sam - Repair, Service and Maintenance of Electronic Products, Lasers.
  • PackRat WorkShop - Lee Bell's Alternate Energy Ideas, Mechanicals, Robot Design.
  • Elliott Sound Products - Informative articles about audio, building projects, and electronics. DIY audio
  • Electronics 2000 - Electronics assistant, technical data, software, guides, links.
  • SWTPC - More than 600 pages of  assembly instructions, schematics, program listings, catalogs, photos
  • Electro Tech - Electronics chat, projects, robotics chat, microcontrollers.

Hobby and DIY Electronics
Benchtop Multimeter being used to Test and Troubleshoot an Embedded System Prototype.
Benchtop Multimeter - Test Embedded System Prototype.

Ham Radio Pages

20 Sites - Jan 2019

Pages - Electronics-1 - Electronics-2

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