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LM3914 analog display and resistance measurement - del20008

U2A opamp LF353 is used here as a constant current source, R10-D13-D14 is for protection in case you measure voltage in the ohms range. U1 4052 helps digitally select four different currents, the currents pass thru the unknown resistor to be measured and an voltage developed across the resistor is measured.

Analog Tutors

U2B is a buffer which passes on the voltage measured to U5A for inversion of polarity as current source is a negative current (current sink). U5B amplifies to the level required for the LM3914 display circuit. U7 555 is used as a de-bouncing for switch SW1 so as to advance counter 4029 to change the range of resistance measurement.

                        analog display and resistance measurement
To view circuit below, Click the Link of PNG or PDF and view the Circuit, PNG can be Scrolled with Mouse
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LM3914 analog display and resistance measurement - del20008

Use any FET input dual opamp, TLO72 will work but LM358 will cause error as it is transistor input..

D1, D12 and R8 are to ensure that the FET can be turned off, as the opamp swings from +/-3.5V only, with some FET it needs to be tweaked. LF353 is a Wide Bandwidth Dual JFET Input Operational Amplifier.

'474 CD' is 47 with 4 zeros pF, 470000 pF,  remove 3 zeros 470 nF,  shift decimal 3 places 0.47uF. "pl" is plastic, low leakage multilayer.

Digital tutors

Use MFR 1% for all Resistors, 33E means 33 ohms, 22K means 22 kilo ohms, 1M is 1 megohm. 10T Trimpot means like 10 turn bourns.

"analog ground" and "digital ground" must be linked at power supply only, avoid loops, let grounds radiate from a ground plane.

Unused inputs of logic and opamps pull up or down to avoid oscillations and noise. connect supply of all chips if not mentioned.