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Instruction Manuals - Control Panels

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Industrial Control Panels and Instruments

Instruction Manuals of Process Control Instruments and Industrial Automation Solutions, Control Panel Diagrams, Wiring, and Facia.

Temperature and Pressure Controllers form a large part of Process control Instrumentation. Then you have Flow, Humidity and many more custom parameters.

Precision Temperature Control with PID and SSR

All Real Life Physical Phenomena are reduced to Analog Numbers  by Sensors and Transducers.  This analog value is amplified and linearized and brought into standardized windows like 1-5 Volts or 4-20mA and more.

Tempatron from Eltime - Industrial Electronics

These Analog Values go to Analog Closed Loop Controllers or Meters for Measurement and Control. In Embedded Controllers, the  Analog is converted to Digital ( At least 12 bit, 8 bits are cheap not used for industrial automation, more than 16 bits is not required as sensor accuracy/linearity never transgress such precision )

                                      Manuals - Control Panels

Embedded Process Controllers may use Microcontrollers with Floating Point Arithmetic, Lookup Table, Logic and Basic Math. Advanced Controllers may use DSP and Complex Algorithms for Adaptive control. (self learn, fuzzy logic.).

Here are some Controllers i used to Make and Sell long ago. Not anymore.
Here is a instruction sheet for a 3 wire transmitter.  It Amplifies the uV signals from a K type Thermocouple, Chromel-Alumel.  The output is a strong 4-20mA which is fit for  looping and driving a Controller an Alarm and an Analog Recorder too.

24 V DC Three Wire Thermocouple Transmitter 4-20 mA

8 Bits D/A may be used when a control signal is needed, like 4-20 mA  Control Output driving a Thyristor PWM bank. Here 8 Bit is enough when the thyristor bank drives large heaters. The thermal inertia and delay makes very precise control nearly impossible.

PLC based PID Controller

When a parameter  needs to be controlled in a tiny area, precision control is possible.  A 16 Bit control signal is required. The system/thermal design here is more important than the controller, they have to be tandem for obtaining repeatable precision control.

Vacuum Impregnation System Panel Design
PDF Files

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