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Instruments used in Calibration

Temperature Calibrator Milli Volt Source

This is a Milli-Volt and Milli-Amp Source for Calibration of Temperature Measurement and Control Instruments using Thermocouples. There is also a Passive Variable Resistance Source for Simulating a PT-100 RTD Sensor.

Building a mV Milli-Volt Calibrator Source

This calibrator was a simple solution i built. This instrument itself was calibrated by Instruments like the Calibrators from Omega which are the best you can get. Most instruments calibration drifts or changes over a year or two. It is important to recalibrate it and also keep it in a clean, dust free lab. Things like sunlight and high humidity can affect measurements. Power tools and machines nearby can cause EMI-RFI errors.

Testing Points and Pilot Production

                        Calibrator Milli Volt Source

Millivolt Source with Digital Potentiometer

Here is a Millivolt Source i built for Calibration in the early days. It uses only CMOS Digital and Mixed Chips from Intersil and CD40xx Series.

Simple Millivolt Source for Calibration

Later i tried a unit with 8748 part of the code in my uC section. This is with Ramp-up and Ramp-down using only two buttons. This works even now, The support below is an HRC Fuse Holder made of Phenolic or Epoxy Resin. The mV Terminations are on Top.
Millivolt Milliamp Source - Field Calibration Current Loop

                        Source with Digital Potentiometer

You will learn more if you make your own tools and instruments and use it alongside the professional tools you buy. Some Jigs and Fixtures are custom developed even today for testing and troubleshooting. Building your own equipment will keep your skills updated and lubricated.