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Telecom or Communications Instruments

Psophometer Telecom Instrument

I learnt more about instrumentation and opamps when i worked with some instruments related to Telecommunications. Some telecom instrument prototypes also were made.

Psophometer Wikipedia. I learnt some basic instrumentation when i worked on the Instruments at TMPL. TMPL as it was known decades back was in Service and Sales of many Brands like Racal Dana, Genrad, Data I/O and Electronic Production Machinery This was before the year 1988 and later i remained in R&D Field of Test-Measurement  and Process-Control for many years.

Electrodata - Telecommunications Test

This instrument had Auto Range for the Voltage and dB meter. Very rare in those days. I did it with a Window comparator and miniature reed relays (oki). (National Semiconductor and Intersil Chips)

Psophometer Telecom

Psophometer from Germany -

Below is a fully analog instrument, it must be using many transistors and probably Opamps. Maybe Hybrid Opamps, because this Instrument is after the Valve era but maybe before the Opamps came. By the size and front panel we can sense the period when this instrument was used.

Noise and Hum in Audio Circuits

Psophometer from Germany

Transmission Measuring Set

The one above was also made at TMPL, it is a Psophometer which was a true RMS auto-ranging AC dB level meter with weighted filters. The weighted filter has to resemble the audio response curve of the ear. With a built in signal generator in dB settings it becomes a Transmission Measuring Set. This was in the eighties..

The Future Landline Phones