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Timer and Counter Modules - del90002

U1 CD4541 is a Timer with Long Duration Ability. This timer is started by a low pulse from earlier circuit, when the temperature goes above setpoint, a low state is at U2A inputs, this starts the timer. The timer output goes high after a preset time. U2C-D Flip flop is power on reset via cap C7. Even a manual 'reset' is used if required. This alarm toggle is 'set'  when The temperature remains high even after the preset time period of U1.  

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The 74C926 is used here as a four digit counter, The transitions of temperature from earlier circuit, that is the number of times the Process value goes above the Setpoint is recorded in this. A Display switch is given to save power. A reset pushbutton can bring the counter to zero.

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To view the circuit below, Click the Link of PNG or PDF and view the Circuit, PNG can be Scrolled with  Drag-Drop Left-Click-Mouse and you could use the PDF to take a paper print for reference only.

PNG-Schematic     PDF-Circuit
Timer and Counter Modules - del90002
Below is a Preview Image Linked to the Larger Circuit
Timer and Counter
                        Modules - del90002

A digital counter monitors the number of times a process goes beyond a certain temperature limit over a long cycle of time. This circuit has a Analog Timer and Digital Counter. The Analog timer turns on an Alarm if the Temperature Limit transition is very long.

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