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PCB AC Load SSR with DC control - del30010

This is a PCB Mount SSR for Control of a Small AC load like a Lamp or a Contacter. It has Optical Isolation and has a Thyristor for output. The MOC3041 A zero crossover optical triac driver is used here.

Major application of these relays are in Controllers, Timers and Counters - Analog Blind Dial On Delay Timer

The footprint is very small, many can be stacked in one small PCB. These can be used to signal bigger loads or devices.  They can take upto 2 A, so small heaters or motors can be switched. It is better to use a fuse in series with the output as a defective load can blow the SSR.

These are also used in Lighting Control - Computer Christmas - Light Control

You can see in the PCBs below  the distance between the input and output tracks is more than 5mm. The opto is itself a few kilovolts of isolation and we should take care of the creepage distance on the PCB and surface. Read more.

PCB State Relay or SSR

PNG-Schematic PCB - DT  L1  L2  SS  SM
PCB AC Load SSR with DC control - del30010

The Sticker below was put on the side of the SSR, All components on this card have to be within 5mm or bent within that. This was due to the fact that the can was around 8mm thickness. The pin details of devices are also shown below.


triac pins

The PCB samples are shown here, The thyristor needs a bigger PTH hole. These details you have to give when ordering boards. Drilling later will remove PTH and circuit is broken. The boards below needed rework. The PCB's should be used without any filing and drilling at your end. Also never do any mechanical work on cards-products after fabrication. I have seen people sawing-filing finished products. This leads to reliability problems.  ; - ).  See in the bottom PCB, the top cutting edge has a track which can short. 

Connection Diagrams of AC DC SSR

pcb ssr pcb l1

pcb ssr pcb l2