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High Energy Circuits

What is High Energy ?

High Energy Power Circuits, Thyristor controls like AC and DC Drives, HV power Design, UPS and Mains Power Inverter. SCR control and Battery Chargers.

Power Electronics Design Methods

As per my understanding High Energy Circuits may be High Power Coupled with Frequency which has to be handled with great care.

Electronic Loads are used to test Power Systems. The types are DC and AC Load Types. Passive and Dynamic Loads. See one type here NH Research Power Supply & Test Systems

Here i have just grouped circuits that are of such nature. It has to be done under the guidance of an experienced person. It may not be good for home or college projects. This is good as a reference for servicing, troubleshooting for professionals or understanding concepts by theoretical study by students.

So use this as reference for repair or to learn. This cannot be used for building or project work. Those who work on these things, should do it under the supervision of a qualified electrician, also put this sign in front of your workbench.

Energy Systems earthing is important for safety and sheilding for EMI-EMC-RFI.

Inside of a Switch Mode Power Supply

Inside of a Switch Mode Power

Some UPS Background Notes i made 1997. Here is a project by Prof Mark Csele that can help you learn more about Inverters. - Professor Mark Csele - Electronic Projects


I made a sign shown on right, the flashy colors is to grab attention, The other graphics are to convey the main message to even persons who cannot read.

Power Supply Regulators and MOSFET Transistor

                                      High Voltage

When you are working with High Voltage Systems in the Company Lab, Put this as a Caution sign.

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