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100kHz Half Bridge Convertor SG3525 - del50032

This is a SMPS Circuit improved over the Application Note in the book SGS Motion Control Application Manual. This worked well. It helps you learn more about High Frequency Power Supply Design.

Read about SG3525 SMPS Regulator IC.

Some Notes Related to the Project

See a professional product here - High Efficiency Step Down Isolated Supply

Schematic of Main Card

100kHz Half Bridge Convertor -

The SG3525A pulse width modulator control circuit offers improved performance and lower external parts count when implemented for controlling all types of switching power supplies. The on-chip +5.1 V reference is trimmed to +/-1% and the error amplifier has an input common-mode voltage range that includes the reference voltage, thus eliminating the need for external divider resistors. Half Bridge, Push-Pull.

This was the Module that contained the smps chip. It was done to prevent easy replication by other firms. Alos to Keep the Signals isolated from the Main board board currents and Corrosion Prevention by impregnating Module in Epoxy. Yet the main board suffered some corrosion even with some coating protection.

Industrial Systems that involve processes like Etching, Coating and Electroplating have to be well ventilated so that electronics around them have some life. Else find ways to package Electronics in Sealed Enclosures with a new plan for Heat Dissipation.     

Power Supply Regulators and MOSFET Transistor

Schematic of Module

            STMicro IC Module

Magnetics Design

All Transformers Isolation 1kV PRI To SEC / SEC To SEC / PRI,SEC To Core. Use Yellow Mylar Tape Insulation or better for all. Vacuum Impregnate all Magnetics in Epoxy or Varnish. All Power Tracks on PCB reinforce with Copper Braid.

TRX1 Mosfet Drive Transformer

T25.0 MGQ-5L Hitachi - Type Torroid - 100khz Signal 486T250-3C8 Ferroxcube - SEC1 And SEC2 Antiphase

TRX2 Stepdown Invertor Transformer

 EC52 Siemens/Hitachi - Can Be ETD/EER Cosmo Ferrites Coper Strap/Ribbon used, cause Hi-Freq Skin Effects, PRI 2 Wires paralleled for same reason. EC52-3C8 Ferroxcube Phillips

TRX3 Current Feedback Transformer
T25.0 MGQ-5L Hitachi - Type Torroid - 100khz Signal 486T250-3C8 Ferroxcube

L1 Series 60A-80A Inductor

Type EC/ETD/EER EC42 Hitachi - Air Gap In Inductor Core Both Sides 100khz Power IF30-3C8 Ferroxcube - 6 Turns 4*#12 AWG In Parallel 4 Wires Of 12 AWG Twisted & Wound For 6 Turns (Use Less AWG For Less I)

TRX5 50hz Transformer Small
TRX4This is A 10mH Common Mode Filter

Main PCB Layout

The PCB of module will be added later, if i locate it. It is small and be designed easily.

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