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Industrial Automation and Process Control

Watlow Reference - Learn more about heaters, sensors and process control. Charts and Tables.

Omega Reference - Technical reference section, learn about process control.


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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation includes things like Process Control, Motion Control, Machine Control, Industrial Robots, CNC and SPM. Here even Manufacturing Automation is a Subset. SCADA, HMI, PLC are all parts of this Domain.

  1. Athena Controls, Inc - Temperature control solutions in three major areas of the control loop: panel and sub-panel controllers, SCR power handlers and SSR, Temperature sensors.
  2. Tempatron Ltd - Electronic timers, temperature controllers, sensors and associated equipment, Refractory metals, Plastic Welding.
  3. Moore Industries-International, Inc. - Interface field processes with computer-based systems, Distributed I/O, temperature sensors and transmitters, signal conditioners.
  4. Newport Electronics - Signal Conditioners, Transmitters, Controllers and Meters. RTD Probes.
  5. Dataforth Corporation -  Data Communications. Data Acquisition. Signal Conditioning. Signal Conditioners. Rugged signal and data integrity and wide spectrum accuracy.
  6. Ronan Engineering - Serial Alarm Annunciators, Temperature Transmitters, Level/Flow Instrumentation, I.S. Barriers, Vibration Monitors.
  7. West Instruments - Process Control Instruments - Multi-Loop Controller System, Single Loop, Valve Motor Drive Controllers, High-End Profile Controllers.
  8. Laurel Electronics Inc - Digital panel meters, Counters, Timers, Remote Displays, DIN Rail Transmitters, Large Digit Displays. Alarms & Controllers, Bar Graph Displays.
  9. Martel Electronics - Process Control Calibrators - Bench Calibrators, Calibration Pumps, Current Calibrators, Gauge Calibrators, Pressure Calibration Gauge, Multifunction Calibrators.
  10. Beamex- Calibration Instruments  Services
  11. Data Translation - Data Acquisition Solutions
  12. OMEGA.com - Temperature, Pressure, Strain, Force, Flow & Level, pH & Conductivity, Data Acquisition, Recorders, Process Control, Power Monitoring, Environmental, Lab Equipment.
  13. Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company - Heaters, Controllers, Sensors, Software Process Systems, Thermal Management Systems.

Process Control Instruments and Industrial Automation

Process Control and
                                      Industrial Automation

  1. Eurotherm - PID controller, Motor Actuators, Process controller, Alarm units. SCR Power controller,  Graphic Recorders. Scalable SCADA, Sensors, valves, valve actuators.
  2. Omron - Non-contact proximity switch, automatic traffic signal, ticket vending machine and fully automated train station system, automatic cancer cell diagnostic equipment.
  3. Siemens Automation and Drives - Drive Technology, Automation Systems, Communication / Networks, Low-Voltage Controls and Distribution, Electrical Installation Technology, Sensor, Measuring and Testing Technology, Safety Integrated.
  4. Fanuc Inc - Industrial Production Automation Systems. CNC series, Power Mate, Servo Mortors and CIMPLICITY. Lasers, Robots, ROBODRILL Small Machining Center.
  5. Pepperl and Fuchs - Manufacturer of Industrial Sensors, Process Control and industrial equipment, Inductive, ultrasonic, capacitive & photoelectric sensors.
  6. Mitsubishi Factory Automation - Compact PLC - compact dimensions and low cost compact controllers. Servo Motion Control. Text-based HMI panels to full-featured industrial PCs.
  7. Rockwell Automation, Inc. - Industrial automation, Power, control and information solutions. Allen-Bradley, Reliance Electric, Rockwell Software. Allen-Bradley - Automation PLC and Control
  8. Emerson Process Management - Devices on Interoperable WirelessHART & industrial Wi-Fi standards. Rosemount - pressure, temperature, level, and flow measurement. Fisher valves and instruments.  Networx field networking solutions.
  9. Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions - Industrial automation and control solutions, Process measurement, Honeywell Wintriss Controls, Distributed Control System, Wireless.
  10. Yokogawa Control Systems -  Recorders and Data Acquisition Equipment, Test Measurement Instruments, Portable Test Instruments, Meters & Instruments.
  11. Wonderware - Supervisory HMI, GeoSCADA, Production Management. Invensys - Process Automation  

Organizations and Resources

  1. Automation Notebook - Industrial Control Applications from Automationdirect.com - PLC.
  2. Automation.com - Industrial Automation -  Factory & Process Automation, Motion Control, Instrumentation Resources.
  3. IEEE Control Systems Society - CSS Conferences, Distinguished Lecture Series. Process Engineering.
  4. Modbus-IDA - Distributed automation systems. Modbus communication protocol suite - Standard.
  5. ZigBee Alliance - Wirelessly Networked Devices. Affordable, Robust, Wireless-Networked; Monitoring and control products based on an open global standard. 

EE Directory

This EE Directory is a Compilation of Companies and Resources i have known thru their Products and Services over the last 30 years of Electronic Engineering Experience. This may help other Firms, Students, DIY Enthusiasts and Professionals in various ways. It could help a firm source parts or an engineer to refer to information

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