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Embedded Microcontroller Resource

Embedded Systems Engineering
  • interfacebus.com - Leroys Engineering Index, Buses, Standards, Hardware Manufacturers.
  • Keil Arm - Microcontroller development tools, C compilers, macro assemblers, real-time kernels, debuggers, simulators, integrated environments, evaluation boards, and emulators.
  • Rigelcorp Reads51 - Embedded controllers for 8051, ARM7, C166/C167, and ST10 processors.
  • Atmel - 8051, AVR 8-Bit RISC, AT91SAM 32-bit ARM. RFID, MCU Wireless, CAN/VAN Networking.
  • ARM - Advanced Digital IP and Processors - Intellectual property, IP processors, SoC designs.
  • FTDI - USB RS232, USB semiconductor devices with Legacy support, Drivers. Custom IC.
  • SDCC - Small Device C Compiler - Retargetable, optimizing ANSI C compiler, targets: Intel 8051, Zilog Z80 based MCUs.
  • uClinux - Embedded Linux Microcontroller uC Project and Linux without MMU project.
  • PJRC - 8051 Microcontroller Tools, Xilinx Programming. mp3 Player and midi drum machine.
  • Lakeview Research - Jan Axelson, USB, Parallel Port, Serial Port and Ethernet
  • Beyond Logic - USB in a Nutshell, Linux for MicroControllers, Ethernet & TCP/IP Interfaces
  • Hyper Embedded - Micocomputing News,  Device Networking,  Programmable Controllers.

Chumby Mini Embedded Computer

This is the board of the Chumby Mini Web Computer, it was a Web Widget App System with Touch Interface. Innovative System ahead of its time. It manifested in 2006.

Success of iGoogle in 2005 with Mini Web Apps and a Free App Store like System. The Desktop widgets of Yahoo, Google Desktop Search who created a Apps Shop or App Vending Store formed the ideas.

These innovations and rapid Hardware size shrinking, low power chips, flash+, wireless and broadband technology boost have lead to many portable devices you see today.

Chumby Mini Embedded

ASEM-51 is a two-pass macro assembler for the Intel MCS-51 family of microcontrollers. It is running on ASEM-51 the PC under MS-DOS, Windows and Linux. ASEM-51 assembly language is based on the standard Intel syntax and implements conditional assembly. 

RASmicro Source of information for those interested in Motorola MC68HC05, MC68HC08, MC68HC11 RASmicro and MC68HC12 Microcontrollers. PC boards and development systems for experimenters too, students and small volume production use. 

  • Franklin Software 8051 Development Tools - Compiler, Assembler, Linker, Debugger/Simulator, RTOS, Monitor. Hardware emulator, ProView as the interface to the emulator.
  • Lammert Bies - Computer Interfacing -  Interface PC to all kind of equipment. Both software and hardware. RS-232 specs, RS-485 information, The serial UART, USB interface.
  • Raisonance - Provides innovative Microcontroller application development tools and Smart card test and validation tools.
  • Dunfield Development Services - C Development Kits, Embedded Systems, Cross assemblers and disassemblers. 8051/52 and Dallas 80C320 Simulators. 

  • Peter H. Anderson - Embedded Processor Control - BASIC Stamp, PICAXE, Serial Control and Measurement. Microchip PIC 12C508/9, 16C84/16F84, 16C554/8, 16C7X, PC Printer Port for Control and Data Acquisition, 68HC11 Assembly Language Programming.
  • Parallax - BASIC Stamp microcontrollers, development software, SX chips, programmer/debuggers, project boards, sensors, educational tools, robotics kits, accessories and Propeller chip.
  • Build Your Own Microcontroller Projects - Build simple microcontroller projects at home.
  • Picprojects - RGB LED Mood Light, Power, UFO round LED Chaser. LED Controller.

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