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Catalog of Insulation Tester - doc00031

Insulation Resistance Analyzer DRT101
  • Measures upto 20 million megohms 20 Tera ohms
  • Polarization index measurement
  • Audible indication for GO - NOGO test
  • Step voltage testing facility
  • Test voltages : 100v, 250v, 500v,750v, 1000v
  • Safe to operate, free from hazards
  • Bright 0.5' LED display

Megger or Insulation Tester

Insulation resistance analyzer DRT101 is a rugged test bench instrument for measuring high value of Insulation and pure resistances and helps in evaluating  Polarization index and conducting step voltage tests. The IR values and polarization index of transformer is recorded and when tallied with performance feedbacks of the transformers can help in quality assurance & control, Incoming inspection of any company would need one to help evaluating insulation cables, switches, relays connectors etc.

Winding Insulation Resistance Measurement

Test That Can be Carried Out With The DRT101
  1. 10 second resistance tests.
  2. 1 minute insulation resistance test.
  3. Polarization index evaluation.
  4. Step voltage tests.
  5. Greater than range, lesser than range, sorting (Meggar Mode).
A high resistance guarded specimen tray is provided with each instrument to carry out error free measurement.

                        Resistance Analyzer DRT101

In meggar mode specimens with resistance > or < 200 M ohm, 2 G ohm, 200 G ohm, 2 T ohm or at half and quarter range at 250 V, 500 V, 1000V can be sorted faster with the help of the buzzer sound.

Insulation resistance of cables of standard lengths can be done by conventional methods of guarding the cable. But using DRT101 directly to read the high resistance instead of a bridge.

  • Measures Insulation resistance and polarization index of transformer between windings & between any winding and core.
  • Measures Insulation resistance of Motors, Alternators Generators.
  • Measures Isolation resistance of switch contacts in off position.
  • Measures Isolation resistance of relay contacts when open and insulation resistance between any contact and winding.
  • Measures Isolation resistance of standard cable lengths with suitable arrangement. 
  • Measures Isolation resistance between adjacent tracks in a PCB and in connectors [this is of relevance in High Impudence Circuits]
  • Measures leakage resistance of low value high voltage capacitors.
  • Measures mains powered equipment isolation resistance to 230 VAC.
Technical Specifications

Resistance ranges:

Mode A at 250V, 500V, 1000V.
200 M ohm, 2 G ohm, 20 G ohm, 200 G ohm, 2 T ohm.

Mode B at only 100V (10).100V range.
20 M ohm, 200 M ohm, 2 G ohm, 20 G ohm, 200 G ohm.

Mode C at only 1000 V (x 10).1000 V range.
2 G ohm, 20 G ohm, 200 G ohm, 2 T ohm, 20 T ohm:


200 M ohm, 2 G ohm, 20 G ohm, 200 G ohm --  +/- 1 %. +/- 1 digit.
2 T ohm -- +/-3% +/- 1 digit,
20 T ohm -- +/-5 % +/- 1 digit.

Test voltages: - 100V, 250V, 500V, 750V, 1000V, --  +/- 1%

All specification valid after 15 minutes warm up.

General Data
Power requirements :  220-240V AC, 50/60 Hz, +/- l%.
Power consumption :  20 VA max

Environmental operating range :  +7 deg C to +35 deg C, 20% to 35% RH.
Storage temperature :  -35 deg C to +65 deg C

Size :  12" W, 4" H, 9.2" D. -o- Weight :  2.2 kilograms

Quality Control

100 hr burn in for 3 cycles., Vibration tests, Voltage regulation tests, Overload tests.

Mains power cord. Teat lead set (black, red, BNC), High resistance guarded tray, Instruction manual
DACT Elektrootech
This is the catalog of a product i made and sold in the 80s.