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LM555 Voltage Doubler - del50007

This circuit shows the voltage doubler working with a 555. LM555 has good drive 200mA, both Vcc and Gnd.

Using LEDs with Battery Power - Here you can learn about LED and how to use them.

This is a simple voltage doubler using a 555, this can help boosting a low battery voltage to power a logic or opamp circuit.

Voltage Doublers and Multipliers - Diodes and Caps can boost voltage for low power(current) applications.

Voltage multipliers can be used to generate bias voltages of a few volts or tens of volts or millions of volts for purposes such as high-energy physics experiments and lightning safety testing."   I drew this for a person who makes toys.

LM555 Voltage Doubler

Threshold Voltage

On trigger at pin 2, Output goes high, timing cap charges from 0 to 2/3 Vcc the pin 6 of an internal comparator senses it & trips. Pin 7 goes low discharging the cap. Pin 3 goes low too. This ends the Timing Cycle.

Threshold Voltage 555

Time Delay Power off

This circuit uses the two internal 1/3 and 2/3 comparators to create a Time delay switch.

Time Delay Power off

Image above from the Original Signetics 555 Datasheet

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