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Understanding the behavior of Electronic Components. Learning the usage of Mechanical Tools and Equipment to build or manufacture Electronic Products or Prototypes. Mastering the use of the Test Bench and Test Instruments like the Scope and DMM. All these constitute the total skill set in electronics. EDA tools and ASIC design Software are very important to create, develop, simulate and verify Circuit Design and Chip Design. Using these software will need skills in Programming and also being astute in Math.

Components and Materials
  • Digi-Key - Integrated Circuits, ICs, Semiconductors, Capacitors, Transformers, Relays.
  • Mouser - Electro Mechanical,  Electronics, Components, Connectors, Chips.
  • Jameco - Passive Components, Wire and Cable, Fans, Batteries and Robotics. 
  • Future Electronics - Supply of electronic components and electromechanical products.
  • Allied Electronics Electronic Parts and Components Distributor. 1.2+ million parts available, 100s+ suppliers.
  • Arrow Electronics - Semiconductors, passives, electromechanical, connector and computer products.
  • Tucker Electronics - New and Used Electronic Test Equipment, Refurbished Oscilloscopes, Analyzers, Meters.
  • Datasheets360 - IEEE Globalspec, Comprehensive Source of Electronic Component Datasheets and Pricing.
  • RS Components - Equipment Tools Parts - Industrial Products. Cables & Connectors, Power Supplies, T&M.
  • Newark element14 - Distributor of Electronic Parts, Tools and Kits, Embedded Systems, Instruments.
  • Avnet Inc - Ebedded systems, semiconductors, interconnects, electromechanical, RF and microwave components.

  • Nuts and Volts - The Electronics Magazine for the Hobbyist.
  • EDN Magazine  - EDN is the most authoritative technical voice in electronic design.
  • Elektor Electronics - Monthly, eNewsletter, Kits, Projects, DIY, Hobby, Tutorials.
  • EPE Magazine - Hobby electronics magazine, computer projects, ideas, theory, circuit diagrams, PCB, photos.
  • Electronic Design - Design Development, electronic original equipment manufacturers products and systems.
  • Circuit Cellar - The Magazine for Computer Applications, Dave's Home Page
  • Silicon Chip - Electronics Magazine for Hobby Electronics, Computing, Kits and Projects.

Tools and Instruments that are needed for Building Electronic Projects

Tools and Instruments forr Electronic Projects

DIY Electronics Kits
  • Fair Radio Sales - Serving the public military and industrial surplus electronics since 1947.
  • Dontronics - The World's Largest Range of Atmel/AVR  & PICmicro Hardware and Software.
  • ApogeeKits and Tools - Electronic kits and tools for the budding electronics hobbyist to the advanced professional.
  • Electronic Surplus - Hard to find electronic parts from audio ICs and devices, to transformers and relays.
  • The Electronic Goldmine - Surplus pieces, parts and kits. Rare and Esoteric Items. Surprise Electronics Box.
  • Adafruit Industries - Arduino, Tweet-a-Watt , Chumby Board, MintyBoost, AVR, ARM. Embedded Kits.
  • SparkFun Electronics DIY Kits and Parts. Online retail store. Get everything to complete your electronics project.
  • Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories - DIY and open source hardware and strange inventions on Evil Mad Science Store.


  • Makezine - MAKE brings the do-it-yourself mindset to all the technology in your life
  • Instructables - World's Biggest Show & Tell where people share what they do and how they do it.
  • EEVblog - An off-the-cuff Video Blog for Electronics Engineers, Hobbyists, Hackers and Makers.
  • NYC Resistor - A DIY Hobby Learning group with a community. Crafts and Home Projects.

30 Links - Apr 2017

Pages - Electronics-1 - Electronics-2 - Electronics-3

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