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Communication Systems are built on Embedded Systems. In every niche of electronics, Microcontrollers, SoC and DSPs have become indispensable. In 2015 i have even begun to see Touch Screen based Test Instruments. Virtual Instruments in Small Devices like Tablet Computers are a Reality today. Industrial Process Monitoring has become easy using Tablets, thanks to the Web you can watch the Production and Process Lines from Home.

Educational Sites

Industrial Process Control
  • Watlow Reference - Learn more about heaters, sensors and process control. Charts and Tables.
  • Omega Reference - Technical reference section, learn about process control.
Circuit Design and Tools

 These tools are used for electrical circuit design, schematic capture, simulation, prototyping, and production.
  • gEDA full GPL'd suite of Electronic Design Automation tools.
  • Airborn - AirBorn Electronics provides custom designed electronic circuitry.
  • Power Supply Guide - SMPS, Switching Power Supply, Magnetics, Power Inverters.
  • Hardware Book - Connector details, cables, adapters, Tables, filters.
  • Rick's  eCircuit Center - Design, test circuits using the SPICE simulator: Op amps, filters.
  • -  A technical library for the hobbyist and electronics experimenter.
  • ELM by Chan - Circuit testers, Oscilloscopes, Signal generators, Sensor circuits. Motor Control.

Screenshot of a PCB Layout being designed on Open Source EDA Software

PCB Layout
      Open Source EDA Software

Embedded and Microcontroller
  • Forum, tutorials, code library, chips, books.
  • Kainka Mikrocontroller - Circuits, software, ideas, projects, information, microprocessor, SBC.
  • Reads51 - Reads51 is an integrated applications software development system.
  • – Leroy Davis, Engineering Index, Connectors, Interface Buses, Standards, Hardware Manufacturers.
  • PJRC: Electronic Projects - Paul and Robin, Teensy USB Board, 8051 Tools, Design data and on-line shop.
  • FPGAs are fun! – FPGAs FPGA, Logic and CPLD tutorials, projects and boards.
  • Picprojects - RGB LED Mood Light, Power MOSFET RGB LED PWM Controller, UFO round LED Chaser.
  • - DIY projects: AVR microcontroller electronics and Fun with Science.
  • Raspberry Pi - Mini single-board computer. Affordable computer to program and learn computing.
  • Arduino - Open-source electronics platform, easy-to-use. Program and make interactive uC projects.
  • PICList - PICList is a collection of people interested in the Microchip PIC and other processors.
  • Build Your Own Microcontroller Projects - Build simple microcontroller projects at home.

30 Sites - Apr 2017

Pages - Electronics-1 - Electronics-2 - Electronics-3

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