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  • Voltage Attenuator Precision Rectifier
  • Shunt Amplifier Current Switching
  • Power Supply
  • Function Generator ICL8038
  • Diode Thermometer

MeasureAll Workbench Instrument

This is one Measuring Instrument that does the work of a DMM, Power Supply, Function Generator and Component Tester. We could Enhance it with a Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer. 

This was the Academic Project in the Final year as an Electronic Engineer Student. It was built and tested in my garage with my engineering college project mates. We funded and built  it on our own.

This was a Student Project of mine, it is a very basic instruments that could do most of the tasks on a test bench.

                                        Workbench Instrument

The cabinet used, was available as a part of a Hi-Fi DIY System, The Range and Mode switches were Modular Stackable Interlocked MultiPole Switches. The rest of the Interface were wirewound pots, jacks, sockets and plugs. The front panel was Engraved Acrylic, the panel was the toughest issue we tackled.

I wanted it to look well engineered, at least on the outside. It was a total analog instrument except for the digital indication of ICL7107. Thanks to ‘Intersil Hot Ideas’ Applications Book.

Ammeter Amplifier

Attenuator Amplifier


Function or Signal Generator

Function or Signal

Anantha Narayan

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