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Seebeck Thermocon - Industrial Process Control.

Components & Materials - Parts, Instruments, Tools

  1. Baumersensopress - Force Strain and Pressure - Transmitters, Transducers, CANopen Transmitters, Load cells. Extensometers, Piezo electric strain sensors, Bridge Amplifiers.
  2. Crompton Instruments - Energy Division - Integra Digital Metering Systems, Analogue Instruments, Kilowatt Hour Energy Meters, Current Transformers, Paladin and Integra Transducers, Protector Trip Relays, Generator Set Controllers, Meter Relays and Digital Indicators.
  3. Rieker - Inclinometers, Boom angle indicators, Custom Slip indicators, and Tilt Warning Devices.
  4. FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc - Load Cells, Force Sensors, Torque Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Signal Conditioners, Digital Displays and Portable Sensor Verification / Calibration Systems (VCal) utilizing Strain Gauge and thin film technology.
  5. Parker Hannifin - Motion Control - Filtration, Fluid Connectors, Hydraulics, Instrumentation.
  6. Hamlin - Reed Switches Sensors - Position, level and flow sensors, reed switches & relays.
  7. OMEGA.com - Temperature, Pressure, Strain, Force, Flow & Level, pH & Conductivity, Data Acquisition, Recorders, Process Control, Power Monitoring, Environmental, Lab Equipment.
  8. Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company - Heaters Controllers Sensors Software Process Systems Single Iteration Thermal Management Systems.
Sensors and Actuators -

Sensors, Electrical Controls and Motor Drives

  1. Siemens Automation and Drives - Automation, drives and electrical installation technology. products, systems and solutions for production and process automation.
  2. Pepperl and Fuchs - Manufacturer of Industrial Sensors, Process Control and industrial equipment, Inductive, ultrasonic, capacitive & photoelectric sensors.
  3. Honeywell Sensotec - Load Cells Pressure Sensors - Pressure transducers, Load cells, Torque cells and Electronic sensor instrumentation. Acceleration and position (LVDT's). HW
  4. Honeywell Sensing and Control - Airflow Sensors, Fiber Optics and Liquid Level Sensors, Flexible Heaters, Hall-Effect Rotary Position Sensors, Magnetic Position Sensors, Speed Sensors. HW
  5. Emerson Process Management - Devices on Interoperable Wireless HART & industrial Wi-Fi standards. Rosemount - pressure, temperature, level, and flow measurement. Fisher valves and instruments.  Networx field networking solutions. EE
  6. Therm-O-Disc Temperature Sensors - Temperature sensors, Temperature controls and Electrical switches. Bimetal Disc, Thermal Fuse, Thermostat, NTC Thermistor, Capillary Controls. EE
  7. GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies - Advanced Sensors & Measurement Solutions, Sensing systems, devices & instruments. GE
  8. Telemecanique - Machine process and Motor control. Surge Arresters, Energy & Temperature Management, Solar Energy Management, Circuit breakers & Switches, HMI, Power Monitors, Motion & Drives, PAC, PLC. Schneider Electric Telemecanique. SE
  9. Continental Industries - Solid State Relays, Mini Input Modules, Mini Output Modules. Eurotherm, SE.
  10. Anorad - Linear Motion Solutions from Rockwell Automation. high performance multi-axis positioning systems to component-level linear motor products RA
  11. Reliance Electric Drives -  Legacy AC and DC Drives, Common Platform AC Drives, Software. RA
  12. Mitsubishi Factory Automation - Compact PLC - compact dimensions and low cost compact controllers. Servo Motion Control. Text-based HMI panels to full-featured industrial PCs.
  13. Eaton - Energy and Power Management - Manufactures automation and control products related to Electrical Power Systems. They include metering devices, protective relays, Moeller Electric. EA
  14. Cooper Crouse-Hinds - Electrical Products for Commercial, Industrial & Hazardous Environments EA.
Scientific, Environmental and Analytical
  • Onset - Computer Data Logging Monitoring,  Data Loggers, Energy Monitoring Systems, Weather Stations, Water Level Loggers, Wireless Sensors, External Sensors.
  • Chase Scientific - Ultra High Speed, low power, and compact Computer Based Digitizer cards as well as a brand new family of the fastest Arbitrary Waveform Generator cards.
  • HORIBA  - Environmental and Process monitoring. Air pollution analyzers, Water Quality Measurement, Emission monitoring and analysis. Process Analyzers, Hand-held and fixed non-contact infrared thermometers.
  • Vaisala - Weather monitoring systems - Environmental and industrial measurement. Barometric pressure instruments, Humidity instruments. temperature, dewpoint, moisture.
  • Teledyne Gas and Liquid analyzers - Photometers, Thermal conductivity, Moisture analysis, Combustion and emission analyzers, Liquid Analytics.
  • Sierra Instruments - High Quality Mass Flow Controllers, Digital, Pipe or Ultrasonic Mass Air Flow Meters for Natural Gas, Oxygen, Water, And Other Liquids.
  • IMA UK - Moisture measurement systems. Hygrometers, Trace Dewpoint Meters, Relative Humidity Analysers, Water in Oil Analysers and Moisture in Solids Analysers.
  • Sensidyne, Inc. - Air Monitoring systems. Gas detection equipment. Gas detection systems designed to detect toxic and combustible gas levels in ambient air.
  • Campbell Scientific data acquisition and control - Dataloggers & Data Acquisition Systems, Measurement & Control Peripherals, Sensors, Communications.
  • ProMinent Group - Chemical Transfer Pumps, Disinfection and Oxidation Systems, Metering Pumps, Dosing Systems, Measuring, Control, and Sensor Technology.

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