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Circuits using only discrete devices

Parts or Components in Electronics :

Here are circuits made of Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors which are passive components. Crystals, Thermistors, Varistors, Variable Passive RLC are also Passive Parts.

Electronics Work Bench

Some circuits documented from my design note book are here with the editable schematics.Zeners, Diodes, NPN-PNP Transistors, FET, MOSFET, SCR, Triacs are all discrete active devices. ICs and Hybrid Modules are  made of many discrete and passive  components.
FET Current Source and MOSFET

In the Integrated Circuits or ASICs, all parts even passives are derived on the Silicon Wafer. In Hybrid Modules the construction uses SMD or Tiny Chip components interconnected in a small ceramic PCB and Hermetically Sealed if needed.

Parts or Components in

Parts like Switches, Connectors, Relays and PCBs are ElectroMechanical parts. Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Cabinets and enclosures are Mechanical parts.

Constant Current Source LED Drive

For a Systems Integrator or Control Panel Designer, the Timers, Controllers, PLC which are Electronic Products become Components or Modules along with Contacters, Current Transformers, AC-DC Drives etc.

Simple High speed data switch

Components have to be wired up on boards while designing or testing circuit blocks or concepts. Some examples of these are shown below.


Bread Board -

This is a reusable gadget like a connector, works like an IC base, only that the connectors in this are very long lasting. you can just plug in the components and connect using thick pre-tinned single strand wire. Big pins can ruin the sockets and power circuits. Levels > 200mA or > 24V could be avoided on these boards. 

The Electronics Index of J. B. Calvert

General Purpose PCB -

This is a PCB that is available is some shops, they are known as "General Purpose Prototyping Board". They have to be soldered and some tracks cut with tool-knife. Power circuits also can be built with wire reinforcements and RF circuits too if you plan the layout first on paper.

SchmartBoard -

This is a new innovation SchmartBoard, see this link for some ideas see Circuits Specialists too.

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